Have you ever tried to understand why some companies grow faster than the other companies operating in the same domain and market? Have you thought about why few companies have bigger faith and have become bigger brands? Why have few SaaS companies been able to maintain a steady and sure growth?

The answer of all three questions is one, they have adopted a principle, “always put your customers first”.

If you believe that the success of a company/organization is driven by the management then you are making a mistake. The success of a company is always driven by the customers of that company. Because if there is no customer then there is no company and no organization.

The principle of always putting your customer first exists in all kinds of sectors/services, practically all. Irrespective of the company whether it is product based or service base.

Every company should understand and adopt a customer-first strategy. They should know that they are working for their customers, every change they make is for their customers. Every innovation they come up with is for and for their customers only.

If you keep a primary goal of gaining profit and not thinking about your customer, then that principle will not last long. Today’s customer is well educated and well aware. If not then he will be aware soon. You cannot fool your customer for long. You have to opt for the customer-first principles to get success and growth.

Let us know what strategy you should apply to fulfill your goal of always putting your customers first.

  1. Understand What Your Customer Is Looking For:

Ask yourself, do you know your customers? What are their difficulties? What are their pain points? What features/help they are looking for from your product/services?

If you have the answer to these questions, then your company’s success is there for sure. You need to understand your customer’s in and out. You need to do some research and what problems your customers are facing using other products or even your products. Find out their pain points and try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Go high and wide in terms of understanding your customer’s needs. Build a long-lasting relationship with each and every customer of yours. If you are able to retain your existing customers, then new customers are bound to come.

To retain the existing customer has always been a daunting task compared to acquiring new customers. Do not let your existing customers go anywhere, understand their pain points, and resolve them at the utmost priority.

You need to understand that your customer’s success is your success. So you have to make your customer successful so that you get success.

2. Be an Educator Rather Than a Seller:

 Today if someone comes to you and says, “I am a salesman of this company and I am selling this.” and he starts explaining the features of the product. What would be your reaction? Of course, you will say, “sorry man, I am not interested.” You will say “No” even though the product/services may be useful to you.

I am saying it practically as I do the same. Always, keep yourself in your customer’s shoes and think. Companies have started designating their salespeople as “Business Development Executives and Business Development Head” etc. etc. soon the sales tags will evaporate. You will not find a “salesman” in any of the business cards now.

People do not want to be sold anymore, they want the solution to their problem. They have started hating the word sales.

Explain to your customers how your product/service can solve their current problems and how it can help them in the future. You need to generate the value of your product/services. You must create an awareness in the mind of your customers. Show them the way your product can generate value for them.

Once the value is generated and if he feels that it will help him to resolve his problems only then he will be interested in buying your product/services.  You have to adopt a customer-first marketing plan and strategy.

Spend time in educating your customer, it will pay you dividends in future. Just don’t sell.

3. Gain Trust to Be an Internal Advocate for Your Customer

It has been noted that you will also feel that once you start giving proper advice to your customer, you will earn his trust.  Your efforts of building relationships with your customers will start to pay off slowly.

You will notice that your customers will call you and ask you the questions of products and services which you may not be offering at all. Now why your customer will ask you such a question? Why?

It is just because you have educated him about his pain points and have solved his problems.  You have earned his trust. Now he has started believing in you and considers you as his advocate.  He will often come up with the question, even though he knows that his question is not relevant to you.

When your customer starts doing this, never ever ignore him. This is where you have hit the hammer at the right spot and at the right strength. You have gained his trust and now he believes in you.

Now, he will not go anywhere, he has now become your loyal customer. He will do the marketing of your product/services with the “word of mouth”.

Last But Not Least:

Putting your customer in front of everything is the key. Think as if you are selling the product/services to yourself. Ask yourself, will you buy your product/services? If you will not buy then no one will, trust me, no one will.

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