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  • 29 February 2020
  • Chetaan Chauhan
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Choosing the best web to print solution for your printing business is not an easy task. You need to do a lot of research and analysis. But before jumping on that first analyze your need and business model and ask few questions to yourself.

  1. What is web to print solution and how it works?
  2. Do I really need the web to print solution?
  3. Will my customer accept the change of ordering pattern?
  4. Will it make my printing jobs easy and affordable for me and my customers?
  5. Is it necessary to opt for a web to print solution?

If all of the questions above are affirmative then you should start considering for opting the web to print solution.

Points to consider before selecting a web to print solution

Features: Before choosing the web2print solution, check the features and the capabilities of the solution. You need to make sure that the solution is having all the functionalities from placing the order online till reaching the product at the customer’s doorstep. It should possess at least below features.

1. Order acceptance capabilities and processing it through various stages.

2. Capable of entering unlimited products and templates.

3. Capable of accepting files created using the varied software.

4. Allowing multiple options for payments gateways, online and offline.

5. Provision of SEO and Social Media sharing with login.

6. Should have adaptability for third-party integration such as bulk emailing, bulk SMS, ERP,       Accounting software etc.

7. B2c and B2B handling capabilities and adaptabilities.

8. Allows you to make the changes in CMS of your website from the back end.

9. Capable to generate reports which can be used for various tasks.

10. Capable of handling online and offline shipping, weight base and FedEx respectively.

11. Does it have the in built email marketing functionality with Auto Responding?

After Sales Support: 

There are many web2print solutions right now in the market most of them offer after-sales support via e-mail, live chat, online videos and user manuals, but sometimes it is not easy to get all the answers via plain text or videos. You need to understand what exactly gone wrong, in that situation, talking to the support guy becomes imperative and hence you should see that the web to print solution provider is giving you live after-sales support or not.

You should be getting support via e-mail, live chats, and communication over Skype or other means.

Web to Print Solution Training: 

Mostly manuals are available on how to operate the device or object. The web to print solution is a huge application and will get bigger and wider and hence an interactive training becomes very vital. One can learn how to use the solution through manuals, but each printer has their own way of processing the job and managing it, also they cater unique products, so the questions or queries will vary from printer to printer and in that situation the interactive training becomes significant. You can ask your queries at the very moment and can get it clear and modified the functionalities if possible during the training. Most of the current web to print solution provides text and videos for reference on how to use the solution and do not provide interactive training, except few. You need to check who is providing interactive training of the solution, which is very important.

How Frequent the Solution Is Upgraded:  The technology is ever-changing and hence the solution you purchase must be upgraded by the provider on a regular basis. They should add new features and functionalities into the solution regularly and that too without any additional charges.

Subscription or License Cost:  Select the web to print solution as per your requirement and business settings.  Do not set the business as per the web to print. Check different plans the web to print provider is offering and chose the best one. If you are having big corporate as your customers, only then opt for Corporate Modules (B2B). Most of the corporate functionalities are in-built in B2C modules, so no need to invest in the B2B plan. You can definitely switch to the higher plan later. It is always advisable to start with the smaller plan and later can upgrade to the higher plan after you get accustomed to the solution and generating good business from it.

Conclusion: Purchasing the best web2print solution does not solve the purpose, you have to do a lot of work in terms of marketing through SEO and social media. A lot of dedication and time is required by you on your website to get good business online.

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Now let’s see which is the best web-to-print solution for your business.

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