If you are willing to pursue a carrier in Sales and Marketing, you need to be a good communicator, if not then in today’s digital world it is difficult to survive.

Having good communicating skills of English language is a prerequisite for a Sale/BDE or a marketing personnel. There are various skills that BDE should possess, let us go through with few of them.


Words make the sentence and sentence creates a complete meaning of the message that you want to convey.  Having good vocabulary in your kitty will give you an upper edge.  The reader or the listener will be amused by your words. 

If the client is speaking some tough words and you do not know the meaning of the words then you will say “sir please pardon or sorry I did not get you sir”, and you know this will give a bad impact of yours if you do this repeatedly.

Writing Ability:

Converting a lead into a client is the ability, the strength of a good Business Developer, and that strength can be increased with effective writing skills.  Writing is a part of communication.  Most of the time you need to pass on the pinpoint message to your potential clients, and taking them in confidence and also many a time confirming them.  Most things you need to confirm in writing for both parties.

Knowledge Of Product/Services

No doubt you are very good Business Development Executive, and can convenience any stubborn client with your persuasive skills, but if you lack the knowledge of the product/services you are going to sell then you are gone for the toss.  It’s very vital you have in-depth knowledge of the product, so you can easily understand and answer the technical queries and requirements of the client.

Cognitive Efficiency:

One should be able to comprehend the manner in which the customer is speaking.  Is it a normal tone or a sarcasm?  If you cannot determine the tone then the customer is not going to stay with you longer, he will try to avoid you and will hang up.  The same logic applies to written text, if you cannot make out the clear meaning then you seek help from your peers or superiors and accessing them on a repeated basis, you know what could be the consequences.

Ability to Analyze

You have got all the information from the client about his working and his requirements, now you need to analyze the client.  What his functionalities, technical aspects, present status, future plans, and most importantly how you will be fitting your product as per his requirement.  The best Sales practice is “Fit your product into the client’s requirement and not fit the client into your product.” So analyzing the client’s requirement and understanding it properly is one of the keys to the communication key.  You need to get in touch with your technical guys and explain to them the client’s working style and his requirements and create the options that fulfill his needs.  Now time to explain to the client how your product is going to help him to grow his business, after all that what you want right?

Ability To Handle The Pressure:

Pressure is not always of achieving the sales target, there is a pressure of handling the stubborn calls and clients.  If you fumble while on the call with the client and make a false commitment, then it will land you in trouble.  As the best Business Developer, you must have the ability and confidence to handle the pressure of handling the tough clients, especially on calls.  You must have controlled communicating skills in all situations whether is it a calm and pleasant situation or in a pressure cooker situation. All of the above can be learned over a period of time, practice and experience.  If you are not equipped with these skills right now, but still want to become a Business Developer, then go ahead and remember that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

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