Wow…!!! you are starting your new business or expanding the old one and looking to design your business card online? There are loads of options available to design the business cards online. You can choose the Best Web-to-print Solution here but if you are new to online designing and ordering then consider these points before placing an online order:

Location of the printing press of the website.

Type of printing products offered on the website.

Templates available in different categories.


Is Designer studio User-friendly?

Payment gateways available.

Shipping services and charges.

Let us discuss these points in little detail.

Location Of The Printing Press Of The Website:

Check the ContactUs details, if the website is the same country/state/city that you reside in then its very good, if not then how far it is from your destination? This is signification to know because it decides the shipping charges.

Printing Machine for Stationary items

Types of Printing Products Offered On The Website:

Check the printing products that are offered on the website, whether it is matching your present and future requirements or not? There should be enough product options to choose from.

Templates Available In Different Categories:

If you are designing your business cards, check the variety and number of templates available. The website should be providing enough quality templates for you to select and that too modifiable. If you are having a good hand on designing, then you should be able to use your creativity in the designer studio. Henceforth, the designer studio should be versatile, having preloaded templates and should allow creating the design from scratch.


In online market, pricing is the key, you need to check the pricing. When you select other options the price keeps on changing depending upon the additional option you select. The options could be a paper type, lamination etc. The base price should be checked. Also look at the tax. Many of the websites add the service tax or GST at the end of the checkout page.

Pricing of the Cards


Is Designer Studio User-Friendly?:

If the website is offering online designer studio allowing you to use your own creativity as well as offering you predefined templates, then its imperative that you play a little bit with the designer studio. If you find difficult to deal with the designing part then it will make your life hard and you will not find it comfortable designing your own design. There should be ample options available in the designer studio to explore your creativity.

Payment Gateways Available:

Check the payment options available. If the website is accepting credit card then please check if the website is having SSL certificate or not? i.e. it should start with httpS://… SSL certification is must if the website is accepting the credit card details. Never purchase from the website which is not secure. Few of the websites may also offer you credit limit after you make a few purchases from it and for that, you need to be well known to the website/printer owner.

Shipping Services And Charges:

Last but not the least, check for the shipping options and charges. These charges vary from location to location. It is also very vital to check through which carrier the website is making the shipping.