The Most Distracting thing at work

All living creatures work for their livelihood.  Humans are not kept apart.  We work for ourselves and our family.  During the working hours, our level of concentration goes to and fro, up and down.  We get distracted quite often during the task.  Many of us goes out of track with even just a small rumpus or a noisy door.  Have you ever tried to notice which are the things that distracts you from the work on hand and transfers your attention to something else?  Which are the things that distracts you intermittently and which distracts you occasionally?

There few most common distractions such as:

  • Clamorous Peers.
  • Noisy door/fan/AC. etc.
  • Unexpected arrival of co-worker on your desk.
  • Unexpected meetings.
  • Electronic devices, the mobile.

The list can be few more, but the most distracting thing what I guess is the gadget called, The Mobile.  Nearly each one of us is now hooked on either of the social media platform.  Moreover, most of us have internet on our mobiles and so we are on web 24×7, even at work.

Now how it distracts you from your very important task?

Imagine that you are working on extremely complex report or you are on a difficult task that requires lot of focus and attention.  You are working hard to get all the things in place and suddenly your mobile lights up with a message from one of your dear one and for a fraction of second your eyes goes on the message, which brings a smile on your face after reading that message.  Now what? You will respond to that message and so does the messenger and exchange of messages starts and it goes on for a while.

Suddenly, after sometime you realize that you had an important task on hand and needs to be completed and all the concentration focus now needs to be rejuvenated and this causes you agony and pain.  You lose the productive time of your work. 

The other mode of distractions are not under your control, but your mobile is under you control.

The question is how to control yourself from using it at least while at work?

Below are 7 points that might help you to control the mobile diet:

  1. Monitor yourself the use of Mobile.
  2. Plan the use of your mobile.
  3. Start thinking differently about your mobile.
  4. Always plan yourself to keep busy.
  5. Try redirecting yourself to other activities.
  6. Replace your habits.
  7. Keep your mobile away from you in your bag, by keeping it on silent mode.

Monitor Yourself The Use Of Mobile:  Just keep an eye on yourself about the use of your mobile.  How frequently you use and when you use it when actually it is not needed.  Use your mobile only when it is really needed.  Do not just use it because you are having it.

Plan The Use Of Your Mobile:  While at work, plan your mobile usage timing.  The idle time would be your tea breaks, lunch breaks or other small breaks.  Ready and reply to your important messages on social media and WhatsApp during these time.  It hardly few minutes to check and reply to your very important messages.

Start Thinking Differently About Your Mobile:  Mobile is a need but remember it is not a part of your body, you can live without it.  Think that you are not having your mobile for every 3 hours, while at work time of 9 hours.  Use it only after three hours during your breaks.

Always Plan Yourself To Keep Busy:  Keep yourself busy with important activities and restrain yourself from the use of mobile.  Concentrate on your work and not on the message that popups.

Try Redirecting Yourself To Other Activities:  Even if you hear the beep of a new message or new e-mail, do not reach your hand to your gadget.  Redirect yourself to the activity on hand.

Replace Your Habits:  Think of reasons why you use the mobile such as for games, texting, e-mail check, social media engagements, phone calls etc.  Few of them are required such as email etc. but others are the mode of your distraction while at work.  Identify and replace those habits on mobile.

Keep Your Mobile Away:  Keeping your mobile away from you in your bag, by keeping it on silent mode.  This can save a lot of time of yours and you can work more productively and efficiently while at work.  If possible do it.


Remember that mobile is for you and you are not for mobile.  Do not allow your mobile to overcome you.  Mobile is useful and needed but do not make it your necessity.

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