Email marketing evokes different sensations in both marketers and recipients of marketing messages. For some, email marketing means annoying spamming and some glow its superior cost-effectiveness compared to other digital marketing tools.

The fact is, email marketing is incredibly easy way to ruin your marketing campaign. 

If your email marketing strategy is not proper then you will ruin the marketing campaign by yourself.

Here are six best ways to ruin your email marketing campaign and ideas on how you could make your email marketing campaigns more effective and less annoying.

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1. Make Sure Email Marketing No Longer Works.

Assume that email marketing is an old-fashioned marketing tool and no one uses email anymore. Think of email marketing as an annoying bulge that will only drive away your potential customers. Don’t use email as a marketing channel at all.

If you want to succeed:

Tao your occiput these facts:

  • Due to mobile devices, people are available for email 24/7.
  • Properly implemented, email is still the most effective digital marketing channel.
  • Select the best Email Marketing Tool.

It is true that spamming does not work. While email effectively reaches its recipients, message content and targeting are factors that determine the success of a campaign.

The mere reach of the tool does not guarantee the results of email marketing, but only provides a framework for effective campaigns. Don’t waste on unreachable, cost-effective marketing channel or poorly executed campaigns, but invest in the quality of the campaigns.

User services of one of the better email marketing service providers such as GetResponse.

2. Focus Your Emails On Offers.

A good email campaign focuses on an amazing offer that is only valid today and only with this code. Do not add extra content to the message so that the offer does not accidentally pass the recipient.

If you want to succeed:

Content> offer. Ok, in some cases offers work, but especially on the B2B side, expert content is what matters. Contact information collected on an email list is too valuable to lose due to sales-focused campaigns.

Provide added value to recipients in the form of quality, engaging content. Help, solve problems, show your expertise and build trust. However, don’t make the message a novel, but give the recipient a chance to read more about the different topics behind the links. In the message, clearly state what is the benefit of reading the message to the recipient and what is found behind the links.

The email marketing automation will help you to set follow up emails automatically.

Sendfox Email Marketing Tool offers a one time payment option for bulk email marketing, which is best for small business owners.

3. Don’t Target Your Messages.

Tired of sending a message quickly and sending it to all the email addresses you collect. Do not exclude any contacts from recipients, because the more people send a message, the more they will buy from you.

If you want to succeed:

For example, create recipient groups from contacts using the following criteria:

  • industry
  • buyer person
  • at what point in the purchasing process is the recipient
  • the recipient’s history of your business (e.g., previous discussions, downloaded guides, or blog articles you read).

When the content of an email is valuable to its recipient, they are more likely to open it and consider the messages you send valuable. By spamming messages endlessly, the contacts you effortlessly collect are removed from your lists. If you are not sure if the message is happy for its recipient, do not send it.

4. Buy As Many Contacts As Possible.

In email marketing, quantity replaces quality. Focus on getting your message sent to as many addresses as possible with as little effort as possible. Keep collecting contacts a waste of time and money – why bother generating leads when you get your contacts purchased?

If you want to succeed:

Get your own contacts. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Create guides that can be downloaded from your website against contacts.
  • Hold webinars that require registration.
  • Send interesting newsletters that your website visitors can subscribe to in their email.
  • Add contact and quote request forms to your pages.

Once the recipient of the email has voluntarily provided their contact information to you, they are likely to have an interest in your products or services. The forms also give you more information about what the recipient is interested in, what kind of problem he or she is looking for a solution to, what his or her position is, or at what stage the decision to make a purchase is timely. 

With the information you collect, you will be able to provide better targeted marketing to each recipient.

Do you still think that buying is a better option? Not only that, but many mailing list providers have already stopped selling contacts and in the future, with the new EU data protection regulation, it will become impossible to buy contacts. So start collecting leads before it’s too late.

You can also opt for email marketing services agency for quick and better result rather than juggling yourself.

5. Include The Entire Content Of The Message In The Header.

Few people open marketing emails – which is why it’s important to say in the headline everything the message says. Don’t forget to mention any of the points in the message in the subject line, as this may be a reason for one of the recipients to open the email.

If you want to succeed:

Keep the title informative but firm. Keep in mind that over 80% of people read emails on mobile devices, with only a few words in the title depending on the device and application. Think carefully about what you want to say in the title. What is valuable about the message? In what words do you entice the recipient to open the message?

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6. Send And Forget.

Once the message is sent, focus on other tasks. Don’t be left chewing on a submitted campaign because you can no longer influence it.

If you want to succeed:

Designing, creating and sending a message are just some of the steps in email marketing. Even if you can no longer influence the content of the campaign you submit, you can still learn from it. The data obtained from the measures taken is even more expensive for the marketer than gold.


Follow at least these things from your email campaigns:

  • Better Opening Percentage
  • Clickthrough Rate
  • unsubscribes
  • Conversions generated by the campaign (e.g. guide downloads)

Test whether email works in marketing your business before judging it to be an ineffective and old-fashioned form of marketing. Track the data you receive from your campaigns and build on your next campaigns. As with any other digital marketing, the key to success in email marketing is to test, test, and a little more to test. So nothing more than an inch to get along and do!

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