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If you are a small company or a business owner and needing an e-Commerce Website, we have the solution to meet your needs at Sharusti InfoTech.
We will create your online presence by building a website for you which suits your business. It will be clear, concise, and affordable.
We are a small software company for small business owners.  We build online presence and e-commerce websites. We have an incredible wealth of knowledge and an e-commerce professional who can turn your vision into reality.
Social Media Marketing

Social Media have now become our routine daily chores. We tend to check the messages on different social platforms before we get out of bed. We have become addicted to the mobiles and social media so much that now it’s difficult to resist.​


Search Engine Optimization

Your website is just like your physical store. Your put sign boards and other banners on your store so people can see and understand your business. However, the website do not have any physical visibility unless you do some marketing on the internet.

Promotional Video Creation

Get your product or services noticed with small informational explainer video.  Explainer videos are very small in size and to the point visual content.  It is easy to understand and pass your message to your customers quickly

Photo Restoration

Photos of your product needs to be clean and crystal clear. It should be perfectly paced with the angle, size, direction, color contrast, shadow and its effects, removing scratches and creases, removing spots and blemishing, resizing and/or scaling. All these things needs to be taken care to get your product noticed.

Help & Support

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About Us

Sharusti Infotech is a fast-growing India based digital Partner Company.  Group of individuals with a high level of enthusiasm and zest to prosper along with you.