According to the first law of Newton “a body at rest will remain at rest, and a body in motion will remain in motion unless and until applied by an external force.”  Human nature is no different, we follow the same traditional means until there is a need of time, but it is said that necessity is the mother of invention.

 Human being has the ability to adapt to nature and that is the primary reason for him being able to survive in this ever-changing environment.  This is the the primary reason why human being has been able to establish his dominance over all other species in spite of being far less in physical strength than many of the animals.

We are habituated to face-to-face or traditional learning since ancient years where students used to go to Gurukul for basic to advance education.  But now it is the need of time that adapt to online learning.

It is proven that we tend to learn better when we are guided by instructors in a location like a classroom.  There are many pros and cons of online learning and classroom learning.

Let’s take a look at Pros First

1. It is Relatively Cheaper:  Online lectures are carried out via phone or computer with means of the internet which means there is no need to spend money on having large classrooms or auditorium. This also means there be fewer utility bills. In addition to this, both teachers and students do not travel and take classes at their respective residence and thus there is no expense on traveling.

 2. It Saves Time:  Apart from being cost-effective, it saves time as teachers and students no longer travel.  Now, teachers can schedule meeting with students through various online available means like Zoom, Skype, etc. Teachers can give one single lecture to many students at a time, which means there is no need to give the same lectures repeatedly to different groups of students.  Teachers can prepare material or content just one time and they can share it with students multiple times if it is recorded material.

3. Learning At Your Own Pace:  Recorded classes can be assessed anywhere and anytime on your devices like mobile or laptop.  If the student has missed his live lecture or if he did not understand a few points the first time, he can attend it multiple times at his own convenient time and learn at their own pace.

4. Modern Way of Learning:  Digital learning is the fastest-growing trend to gather information.  Earlier to gather the information we used books, newspapers, television, etc.  Nowadays, online various platforms provide tremendous and versatile information that it has overtaken almost every media.

5. Improves Student-Teacher Interaction:  Online live classes can give a feeling like one-to-one interaction.

6. Multiple Options to Choose From:  Learning from online course gives you an infinite number of options to choose from and with an ocean of courses to choose from and multiple choice for instructors.

Now let’s have a glare at disadvantages to online school classes.

1. Lack of Self-Discipline:  It is observed that while learning online, students are less focused and can easily diverge their attention and eventually end up nowhere.  Students are so used to traditional classroom readings that focusing on online is NOT that easy.

2. Lack of Focus:  Students use computer and mobile for online classes could easily lose the track of learning and can get engage in playing games and could get lost into the deep ocean of the internet.

3. Social Isolation:  Online class means you are not in direct touch with your beloved friends and you do not see them.  This creates social isolation and students do not have social exposure.

Ways to Overcome These Challenges:

 Online learning advantages overweigh the disadvantages. Parents need to monitor students and help them when required. Students can acquire self-discipline by a proper monitor and regular follow-ups by parents and instructors.

Teachers can create online examination papers to prevent cheating while exam.  Parents also need to monitor their ward when students are giving the exam. Lack of focus can also be resolved with regular follow-ups by teachers and parents.

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