• 28 July 2020
  • Chetaan Chauhan
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I will not say that due to the COVID pandemic everyone is moving online and you should also go online and so on and so forth.

As per my experience of 9 years being in the field of IT and print commerce, I have learned and realised that technology is getting updated constantly and continuously.  People are adapting new things with the time. Even old guys have opted for smartphones, internet, social media and have adapted themselves as per the technology. You will find more middle aged people on social media nowadays.

This shows that people love change and like to opt for new things. There are of course pros and cons of every new thing, web to print solutions are also not spared from that. 

It’s definitely the time of online and every business is going online now particularly after the COVID pandemic. Printing business is also one of them. Small and big printers are going online and for that, they need a web to print solution.

There are many best web to print solution providers across the globe. They will create the printer’s website for you and will help you to take your printing business online. 

But before that you must understand what is web to print solution?

When you go for something new in your business you have to be aware of the pros and cons of that new technology or a change.

Let’s discuss a few pros and cons of the web to print solutions.

Pros (advantages) of web to print solution:

  1. Created for Printing Business:  The web to print solution provider will create your website. The theme, products, design, options order management, sales, customer database management, etc are created keeping your printing business in mind. 

They will take all the headaches of what is required to create a website for the printing niche.

  1. Hosting and Maintenance: The web to print solution providers may have the Saas model as well as the license model (one-time payment). If you go with the saas or Subscription model of the web to print then they will maintain your website as well as the headache of hosting and other requirements. 
  1. Support and Help: You should go with at least six months of support to be provided by the web to print solution providers because initially, you will need their help and guidance to get your site ready to go live. Since they are experienced, they will guide you on how to maintain your printing website and maintain it.
  1. Products and Templates: They have standard websites created as a demo website or sample website, wherein they have a set of products created with size, price, images, and description. They also provide templates for these products which makes your life easy. Along with product and templates, the web to print solution providers also gives you clip arts, images, fonts, etc. which are very vital for a printing website.

Having all these ready saves a lot of time and effort and you are nearly ready to go live. 

  1. Designer Tool: Generally all the web to print providers will create your website with the designer tool. This is one of the main reasons why you should go for a web to print solution. 

The designer tool will allow your customers to upload their images, choose the template, create their own designs and place an order.

This saves lots of your time as you have already given the templates to choose for your customers. They just have to select the template based on their business type, add their name and upload their logo and it’s done.

You take the demo and select the best product customization tool for your print business.

As we have seen the benefits of web to print solutions, there are disadvantages as well.

Cons of web to print solution: 

  1. Cost: The cost is one of the biggest and major barriers for all small printing companies.

If you have opted for a SaaS or subscription model, then every month you have to pay some amount to the web to print solution providers even if you have not gone live yet.

Their cost meter starts from day one. However, they give 15 days free grace period but that soon flies away since you are learning the system, creating your products, content, images, as per your business model.

The first three months of your website will go away in setting up your website if you do not give optimum time to it. 

  1. Maintenance of Website: The other major factor is to maintain the website. You need to give time to keep your website up to date. You have to check for any queries or orders or quotes. You have to reply to those inquiries you receive on your website etc.

You may be exceptional in your print business but you are not tech-savvy then you need to hire someone to take care of your website and its day to day functioning of downloading the orders and forwarding the orders to the concerned person.

  1. Digital Marketing:  Your physical press is visible to everyone who goes by the road but your website is not. No one will be able to know that you have a website and from there one can place an order. 

You have to do digital marketing to get to know and create your brand on the web. You have to show your presence on social media. Without doing SEO of your website and giving ads on Facebook and Instagram, you will get very few visitors on your website and ultimately few orders.

  1. High Competition: Since everyone is going online now, there is an obvious competition. Moreover, big players like Vistaprint have captured the market. It’s tough to beat them now. You need to have very competitive prices and unique products and extraordinary quality and services. 

Wrapping It Up: Looking at the pros and cons, it is my experience and learning that printers moving ahead with proper planning and selecting the perfect web to print solution have succeeded in taking their print business online. 

I have seen many printers generating more business online than offline. Having said that I have also seen printers within six months of taking their business online, they move back to offline. 

The reason for their failure could be various and many.

However, I will still recommend taking your business online and opt for the best Best Web to Print Software as per your business need. You have to change with the change in technology or else you will be outdated. 

You need to have the courage to take a hit and rise again if you fall. 

You can never win, if you never try. You can also check out Hostinger for your hosting needs.

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