Sendfox Review 2020

Another one comes along when you thought you knew all about email marketing platforms!

This SendFox review presents a newcomer that is part of the Sumo family of tools: an inexpensive and super-simple email marketing platform tailored for content creators.

Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Convertkit, or one of the others. You probably already have a favourite forum.

Are there really so many variations between them?

There’s always space for saving time and/or money or enhancing other aspects of your market, even if you’re fairly satisfied with your current platform.

My analysis of SendFox takes you through what you can expect from the platform and how it compares with one or more.

What is SendFox?

The SendFox email marketing platform brands itself as “content creators’ email marketing,” making it easy to “automatically send your subscribers, followers, and fans custom emails.”

It’s a way to reach out to your target audience and to those who already love you, like other email marketing channels.

You pass them along your sales funnel with e-mail campaigns that encourage your posts, videos , podcasts, and other content.

SendFox is part of the suite of Sumo Community offerings developed by Noah Kagan, an early Facebook employee, and now used by millions of people.

These include AppSumo (which promotes all the great app offers out there) and KingSumo (which lets you create your list by promoting viral competitions and giveaways), as well as the Sumo list-building method. It was recently launched by Fam.

You can also check for SendFox Tutorial.
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Statistics from SendFox

SendFox states the following at the moment of writing (obviously this changes by the second):

14,480,935 delivered emails

3,652,041 subscribers to your email

It has only been around for a matter of months and appears to be steadily increasing.

These numbers are likely to be well and truly out of date by the time you search the SendFox home page.

Features on SendFox

SendFox is from the Sumo family, as you know. For being lean or fit, Sumo wrestlers are not recognised.

This email marketing platform, however, is light and lithe, without the needless “fat” that other platforms have.

Let’s claim that speed and agility over pure bulk tend to be preferred.

It is intended for content marketers with high-email use who want to drive maximum success from the minimal effort in their email marketing campaigns.

The principal characteristics are as follows:

Branded limitless emails

SendFox enables you to build, schedule, and automate your contact list with unlimited, personalised emails.

Before you send them, you should personalise the emails and test them.

No big surprises there.

You should be able to build limitless personalised emails that are an extension of your brand via any email programme.

For serious content creators, though, it helps to realise that this is easy to do.

If you reach out from your blog, on YouTube or via podcasts, and hope to get readers interested in your content, your brand is pretty much all you have.

Quick editing by email

There is a simple built-in WSYWIG editor which allows you to customise the following email elements:

  • The fonts
  • Colours
  • Formatting
  • Links

All of this makes it easier to brand your emails, and new customization features such as image editing are hopefully in the pipeline.

Notice that all emails you build are open to your smartphone, enabling your followers to keep up with you on the go.

Building the List

SendFox helps you to create different lists. Your subscriber list can easily be uploaded to SendFox.


SendFox allows many of the most critical emails you send to be automated, such as:

Automated welcoming emails to subscribers promoting the content and platforms you want to direct them to

Automated user experience based promotions, such as what they click on and what they open

Time-based (scheduling) automated campaigns that look after themselves once you set them up

You can easily segment your audience with the automation feature, so that the right people always get the correct content.


SendFox User Interface

The interface is quick and tidy. You can display, among other details:

  • The Emails
  • Automation
  • Contacts
  • Detailed numbers for results

The dashboard is pretty simple.

Your Contacts

To keep your contacts segregated, lists and tagging features are given.

There are also simple CRM features that allow you to write notes about and subscriber so that the people that count can be more personalised.

Landing Pages and Forms

SendFox includes landing pages with built-in forms that allow you to pull new contacts right into and turn their interest into interaction.

An important phase in moving your followers down the sales funnel is landing pages. They can be used to obtain ratings or reviews as well.

When the ability to customise these pages is incorporated into the same email marketing programme that produces the campaigns and generates the traffic, it really helps.

On your social pages or in your email signature, you will promote the landing page URLs.


With SendFox, customizable embeddable forms are also available.

These help you inspire your fans to subscribe or follow and collect the data you need regarding subscribers legally.

All landing pages and forms comply with the GDPR (they have a consent feature of the GDPR), so you don’t have to think about data privacy laws.

You can embed the forms’ HTML code into your website

Tracking For Results

Both SendFox models have advanced analytics to track openings, clicks, and more.

Contact analytics details can be accessed via:

  • Condition of Subscription
  • Subscription source
  • IP Address
  • Behavior in email (opens, clicks)

This helps you track your campaigns and make substantial tweaks based on reliable and real-time details.

Customer Support

In a few ways, you can get assistance with SendFox customer service problems:

  • A page “helpscouts” that covers a lot of regular questions and problems.
  • Give the support team an email.

At present, there doesn’t appear to be a live chat option. For instant answers to questions, that would be a nice future addition.

Your Domain Validation

You can boost the deliverability of emails you are sending out with SendFox by using the domain validation function.

It takes only a couple of easy steps.

Providers of email services such as Gmail and Outlook, etc., will be less likely to send spam emails if they see that a verified domain is associated with the ‘From’ email address.

Pricing on SendFox

Here’s the true kicker. Did this segment hop to you?

That’s OK, several individuals do.

As SendFox is a trimmed-down cousin of the other platforms out there for email marketing, the pricing is very competitive.

Lifetime Appsumo contract pricing

Right now, here’s what you can expect if you purchase a lifetime deal through AppSumo:

For a lifetime offer for up to 5000 customers, the SINGLE package (one code) begins at just $49.

The DOUBLE package for lifetime access and up to 10,000 subscribers (two codes) is $98.

For three codes (up to $490 for 10 codes), the MULTIPLE package is $148, with lifetime access and up to 15,000 subscribers.

SendFox branding covers the single and double plans, although the multiple option goes lighter on the branding.

The features outlined above include all these plans with:

Access for a lifetime

All future changes to the strategy

60-day money-back guarantee, irrespective of the reason.

Overall Features

More can be done by Malichimp than by SendFox, but you pay for it.

For both platforms, it’s fairly easy to create email campaigns, build your lists and automate campaigns, but Mailchimp is more advanced.

For example, Mailchimp has more options for email automation, including:

The individuals who subscribe to your list

When you create new content, your followers

When a birthday is celebrated by one of your followers

Followers when you tag material with them

E-commerce stores that want their best clients to be compensated

Shop owners who want to give a first-time customer a thank-you note

In e-commerce shops, abandoned carts

SendFox automation options are likely to evolve over time, but Mailchimp is more sophisticated right now and a more complete option for larger e-commerce stores if the budget is not a problem.

Bottom line: Who needs to be using SendFox?

SendFox has been with us for just a few months, but the potential is apparent.

It comes from a marketing family (Sumo) that knows what it’s doing: a broad drawcard that shows that over time the app can expand.

Right now, the flexibility and uncluttered feel of SendFox will help content creators such as bloggers and vloggers looking to build new sales funnels for their goods and services.

We also hear comments such as: “I have been a -blank- customer for years and I use only about 20% of their features.”

Why pay for characteristics that you don’t need?

SendFox ‘s pricing is just unbeatable with the lifetime offers on offer.

For small business owners and small e-commerce store owners, this could be a no-brainer just starting with email marketing. You definitely want to keep it straightforward.

That’s another reason to seriously consider SendFox if you are not using other Sumo products.

When your list of subscribers is wider and you want to do more with your email promotions, you can still switch to a site with more ‘bells and whistles’.
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