Content is everywhere and hence Content is king. Good content is the basic need for every business to attract, connect and reconnect the audience and customers. We at Shrusti Infotech will study your business analyze it and will create the SEO rich content as per your buyer persona. As per your requirement we would provide quality and fresh content in the form of Articles, blog SEO Content, Website Content, social media content etc.
We can also write content for product description, product manual and FAQs.

Article Writing: To build a good solid online presence and helps to build your brand online.  Article writing helps to create high quality back links and generates good traffic.

Blog: Blog is one of the most important part of digital marketing and helps in generating leads and engages your customers to the information that you provide through your blog. Blogging is a tool that helps you create your impression on your customers and brings new customers and clients as you keep on educating your customers via blogs.



SEO Content: SEO Rich content is key for getting your website a higher rank on the search engines.  The content must be in coordination with algorithms and also should be easy to be able to understand by a lay man.

Product Description, manual and FAQs: if you are having a website and selling different products, then the description of the products should be clear, precise and informative.  The description should be written in such a way that it defines your product as well as helps in ranking on the search engine.

Website Content: The is one of the most important and critical part of your website.  The content on your website should be as per your brand.  Website content requires proper planning and placement on the website.

Social Media Content:  Social media Content requires clear understanding and research of each social platforms as per your buyer persona.  The social media content should be curated and distributed based on your market strategy, location and buyer.  The social media content is very useful and fruitful if created and targeted based on your buyer’s persona.