Preserving the old memories is through the old pictures of our elders.  If you have any damaged, torn, faded, stick to glass etc., then these picture needs to be restored.

There are different kind of restorations such as simple, complex or very complex depending upon the damage of the photo.

Send us your scanned photo and give us a chance to restore your memories.

Remove Background in Photo

Poor background makes the image ugly.   If in your picture/image there is an object which should not be there then it needs to be removed.

You need to do either of the below activity to remove the unwanted background object from your image.

  1. Removing the background color.
  2. Enhancing color contrast and changing dark spots.
  3. Removing the stranger from the background.
  4. Increasing the brightness of the photo.
  5. Adding/Removing the watermarks.

Product photo editing

Photos of your product needs to be clean and crystal clear.  It should be perfectly paced with the angle, size, direction, color contrast, shadow and its effects, removing scratches and creases, removing spots and blemishing, resizing and/or scaling.  All these things needs to be taken care to get your product noticed.

Product image may require multiple clipping paths and you can do lot of different things to give your product image a fresh and new look.

Jewelry Retouching

Jewelry photos requires high amount of retouching and color correction.  The photos of your jewelry needs cleaning, removing scratches if any while maintaining the details of the picture.  Your jewelry photo needs shiny look and feel.

You need to manage your Jewelry catalogs and online portfolios always up-to-date with ongoing product ranges maintaining consistent image quality.

Glamour Retouching

To enhance the model images digital slimming helps in presenting the photo of your model.  The glamour retouching can be done as:

  1. Revision of shades
  2. Red eye evacuation.
  3. Evacuation of the flaws.
  4. Dental repairs if needed.
  5. Advanced face-lift
  6. Smoothing of the skin.
  7. Weight decrease
  8. Removing wrinkles & facial lines
  9. Removing Stray hairs.
  10. Control/remaking of face or body parts

Real Estate Photo Retouching

Good photos attracts everyone and are tend to sell your product faster.  Your real estate photo graphs need fine tuning and retouching by professional photo editors.

It requires advance image editing to get high resolution image.

Your photo may need to have:

  1. Better quality photo with enhancement.
  2. Enhancement of sky in the background.
  3. Colors and sunlight settings
  4. Blending and stitching of the image.
  5. Floor plan conversion.

Photo cutout

To remove the background, the photo cutout technique is used.  In many instances you need only the part of the image to be removed and place it somewhere on the other photo, or you need to create a new one with the object that you cut-out.  In such case, you need to cut that object from the image without losing the details of the image.

We Also Provide Services Such As:

  1. Print Media Retouching
  2. Ghost Mannequin photo editing.
  3. Shadow and Clipping.
  4. Wedding and birthday PDFs
  5. Hair Masking
  6. Vector conversion