No business runs without customers and there is no business in which you will not find irate customers.  Each person has his own way of looking the same thing in a different way.  Similarly, each person has a different way of behaving with other person and hence there is a different way to handle each person when he is angry.  We have mentioned few key points which are key to handle your irate customers.

Greeting the Customer:

Greet the customer very calmly and pleasantly.  Your pleasant words falling in the customer’s ears can make him little calm.  Always use polite and soft words with very soft voice.  Always keep your tone little low and polite.

Listening to the Customer is Key: 

Your first job is to listen and listen very meekly.  Listen to him completely, allow him to speak.  Apologize if required in between.  Let all his anger burst completely, just keep quiet and keep listening.  This will help you to understand his queries, what issues he is facing and also, he will calm down as he has busted his agony.  Once you keep listening to him patiently, he will feel that you are ready to listen to him and willing to understand him.  Just do not listen to him blankly, keep on acknowledging in between, if you do not acknowledge then he will feel that he has been ignored and he will get more irate.  If you want to be a good speaker you ought to be a good listener.

Understand Customer’s Queries and Requirements: 

Now after listening to him patiently, you need to explain to him what you have understood and got his consent about your understanding of his issue.  Once you receive his consent about his issue, you have won half of your battle.  Assure the customer that you will look into the matter keenly and will follow with concerned department/person if required and will update the customer within the stipulated time frame.  Assuring him in this manner will make him patient and make him feel attended.

Talk on Irrelevant Topic if possible:

After assuring the customer, just talk about another topic such as movie or sport or on things that the customer likes.  This will divert his anger to a pleasant point, share few talks with him and again jump back to the main topic and assure him that his problem will be addressed on priority basis.

Seeing Off:

Just saying goodbye to the customer abruptly is absolute wrong practice, this will give bad impact on the customer particularly when he is not happy with the services or the product.  Seeing the customer off or hanging the call-up is as important as a greeting.  Always make a practice of seeing off each customer with good wishes.

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