What is Web2Print Solution?  The term Web2Print is not new for the printing industry today.  Most of the printers around the globe are aware of a web2print solution.  It is software that helps in doing multiple tasks in one go.   Many of the printers are still doing the business in a conventional and traditional way.  But today is the world of digital and a lot of new things come up daily.  The things are moving fast and the technology is changing even faster.

In this situation printers now think of moving to a more digitized way rather than a conventional path.  But before moving to the new way let us think that investing in web2Print Solution is the right decision for you?  Let us consider few points and then come to a conclusion for investing in a Web2Print Solution software.

Web2print Solution the right investment decision

Conventional/Current costing which can be reduced:

Check your current cost of production for e.g.

  1. Salary of your Printing staff, admin Staff, marketing staff, etc.
  2. Cost of marketing every month.
  3. Office stationary.

The above listed are the costing which you might be having currently, the list could be more than what listed.

List of new expenses if a Web2Print solution has opted:

  1. Domain Name (one time cost)
  2. Hosting (annually)
  3. Web2Print Subscription charges (quarterly/half yearly/annually)
  4. Digital Marketing.
  5. Internet charges.

If you calculate both the costing, the We2print costing would not be more than the conventional costs.

Advantages of opting Web2Print:

The advantages of investing in Web2Print solution are much fold.

  1. You can manage easily all your orders in one place.
  2. You can manage all your customers adequately.
  3. Can access the complete details of your customers at one click.
  4. Easily change your product pricing at any time.
  5. Can receive an order from anywhere 24 x 7 and not just at working hours.
  6. Can set your marketing strategies as per your target audience.
  7. Reduce your staff and admin cost drastically.
  8. Reduce your stationary cost as everything is online.
  9. Can access your data from anywhere even on the way.
  10. Customers placing orders from their home reduces your wastage of time.
  11. Your customers get thousands of designs which give them more options to choose from.


If you look at the pros and cons of investing in the Web2Print solution, then you will find more advantages compared to disadvantages.  Looking at the speed of technology change and also looking at the usage of the internet and social media, people would more and more likely to be ordering everything and anything online in the coming years.  Eventually, investing in Web2print solution would definitely give you an upper edge compared to the conventional way.