Customer Success

We all know that getting new customers for any kind of a business is getting harder and tougher.  It was not easy in the past though, but today it is getting very tough to acquire new customers.  The cut-throat competition in every market and niche is making this even tougher. 

If you any how acquired a new customer, it is even tougher to maintain and keep that customer happy and satisfied forever.  If he is not getting the adequate ROI with help of your product or services, he will run away and find other options as the other options are available in abundance.

So it means that if the customer is not getting success, he will not stay with you, he will start seeking other options and eventually will leave you.  This means that your success depends on your customer’s success.  In simple terms, if you customer is successful, you will be successful.

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So what is Customer Success?

The customer success means the process of helping your customer to get maximum output from your product/services.  It is a process of working closely with your sales and support team to help customer grow and understand your product more closely.  Customer success means working proactively in helping your customer to get more ROI. Helping him not only solving his problems, but also gaining more sales and revenue.  Overall, Customer Success is a combined activity of Sales team, Support team, Marketing team and Customer Success Teams.

The Customer Success team is a team separate from customer support.  This team is not there to solve customer’s problems related to services or product.  They do not take calls, handle live chat or send emails on resolution of their problems. 

This team finds the ways on how they can help the customers to gain more value of the product, how the customers can get the optimum utilization of the product.  They proactively reach the customer and guide them and help them to get good results.  The customer success team helps in gaining momentum in sales for the customers.

Main difference between Customer Support and Customer Success

1. The customer support comes into picture when the customer comes to them with the query or a problem.

The customer success team is proactive, they reach to the customer and explain them the features which can be helpful to them. 

2. The work of customer support ends as soon as the query of the customer is resolved.

The customer success work never ends.

3.  The functioning of customer support is assessed on the basis of the quality of service provided in time frame.

The functioning of customer success is assessed on the basis of how much customer has benefited and has increased in revenue/sales.

4. The roles and profiles of customer support team is well defined and stipulated

The roles and profiles of customer success team is varied and changes as per the market and requirement of the customer.

Benefits of having separate Customer Success Team

In any organization, there will be marketing team, Sales team, and support team.  But now the companies have started having separate team as a customer success.  The main agenda of customer success team is to study the customer’s needs, his problems, and market in which the customer is operating.  This team will study for each customer and will give suggestions to the customer based on the studies and research done.  

This will help the customer to understand and resolve his problems.  The customer will feel that he is being cared and not left alone on his own.

Final Thought

Customer success is a new concept.  It is still growing and gaining momentum.  However, it can create confusion with the customer support team if your team is not very well trained on the working and functional boundaries.  This concept has created a great deal of success especially for SAAS companies. 

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