Gone are the days where everything was done manually. We are now in the era of automation.  If you do not update with the time and demand, then you will be out of the competition pretty soon. Every industry needs to update and upgrade as per the demand. The printing industry is not an exception, here also the change is inevitable. There are a lot of software and solutions available which are used for different work in the print industry such as Print MIS, Workflow automation, Imposition so on and so forth.

Web2print or Web-to-print is a platform which uses a website which has the ability for a print or marketing or a reseller to receive a purchase or quote request from a customer/buyer using the website.

The Web-to-Print is equally ideal for either Business-to-Business (B2B) or Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or both.

You may be a print broker, commercial printer, reseller, marketing firm if you are using a website to receive quotes, orders, allowing the public to select the design templates and make changes when you are using web-to-print.

In simple terms it is an e-commerce kind of website for printing where a layman can visit on the website, select the design of his business card for example as per his profile and place the order for required quantity. There are a lot of providers of a web-to-print solution in the market which I will list in my next article.


Let Me Summarize How It Works:

As a printer, if you purchase any web-to-print solution from any providers, you will have a website which you can use it to cater your B2B, B2C or both type of clients depending upon the plan you opt for your solution.  There can be a SAAS (Software As A Service) model or you can have a customized (license version/plan).

You will need to create and manage your content on your website site such as (Banners, About US, privacy policy, terms and conditions etc.)

Here on this website, you will create products such as business cards, flyers, brochures, letterheads and/or any type of printable products.

Now based on these products, you will be able to create designs/templates for your customers to choose and they can make changes as per their need.

You will create the price estimator for each of your product where your customers will be able to select different options such as paper type, order quantities, size, etc. and based on these options, the price will be displayed to him.

The customer will fill his shipping and/or billing address and then will place the order using online payment method or any other mode which you have allowed on your website.

As a printer, you will receive this order. The file you receive will be a high-resolution print-ready pdf file (could be of other formats also).  You will process the order and print it and ship to the customer at his address provided while placing the order and the cycle is complete.


What You Can Expect From A Web-To-Print Provider:

  1. A website to manage the complete print order cycle.
  2. Flexible enough to handle order approvals.
  3. Ability to cater to B2B, B2C customers, and resellers.
  4. A dynamic website content which can be managed at your end also.
  5. Ability to integrate other applications also such as (Accounting, MIS, ERP, CRM, Print order workflow, etc.)
  6. Responsive website for all types of gadgets.
  7. Ability to handle your multiple locations (branch)
  8. Capabilities to handle promotions and offers which you can offer to attract more business.
  9. Exclusive and extensive reporting features.
  10. It must be user-friendly.
  11. Cost-effective and affordable.


What You May Need If You Purchase A Web-To-Print Solution:

  1. You will need to have a domain name and hosting for the website (e.g. Namecheap).
  2. List of products with their pricing and sizing which you want to put on the website.
  3. Templates/Designs for these products.
  4. Content to be placed on the website.
  5. Payment Gateway, to get the online payment from your customers (PayPal)
  6. Shipping Gateways, to deliver the printed products to your customers.
  7. SSL Certificate for a secured website.
  8. Digital Marketing (you need to create/manage your Digital Brand).


Now Lets Us Look Some Of The Advantages Of Opting Web-To-Print

  1. Helps in cost reduction.
  2. Better Order management
  3. Increase your brand value.
  4. Global reach.


Also Look At Its Disadvantages:

  1. Increases your digital marketing cost.
  2. Need at least one person to manage the application.
  3. A lot of products and templates needs to be created.



If you want to sustain in the market you have to opt the change.  Having a website which has all that it needs to manage your print business, is a need of today. Before choosing any web-to-print solution, be sure what you need in your website, what is your goal, is it going to help you and your customers, is it going to increase your brand value and your reach, is it the right time to make a change?

Clear your vision and make a decision. And if you still have some doubts about purchasing a web-to-print solution then you can check this out. Web2print solution, the right investment decision?