Ready to learn online?

In the previous blog I described the part why online classes will is the new trend and in this post, I will tell you why it will work.

So, as we all know that the corona is not going anywhere and it’s going to stay at least for 2020. Things are getting back to normal but not completely. People are now coming out of their homes and going for work. Everyone is getting back to normal life and have started doing the usual work they used to do before.

The only people who are not going to their normal life are students. They are having a hard time at school and are unable to meet their friends and live their happy lives.

They are most the affected by this pandemic.

In this situation, if they need to stay up to date and want to learn then online education will the best option for them. If I tell you about myself then I can and have learned a lot of things online by myself so I think this will work for my generation as well.

We are now in an era where everything is available online and can be accessed free of cost so why not utilize it productively.

We spent hours and hours watching YouTube videos and web series online just for entertainment via digital platforms, so why can’t we watch something more useful for hours which will contribute to your betterment.

Why I think Online Learning will work?

  1. Cost – If you’ve chosen YouTube as learning platform then the learning will be free.
  • Accessibility – As you’re learning online so it can be accessed from anywhere you don’t need a classroom for study.
  • Understanding – This where things get different for everyone. Every student has their own way of learning and their own way of understanding things. I learn much faster online now as compared to traditional classroom training. Again, it may depend on the thing or topic you want to learn whether you’ll be able to understand online or you’ll be needing someone right in front of you.
  • Revision – As it’s a YouTube video or an online course you can watch as many times as you want and can learn the part which you failed to get in the first place.
  • Fast way of learning – In school the teacher will teach you one lesson a day and in online learning, you can learn as much as you can in just one single day.

Now, you all will think that you don’t get the feel in online learning so traditional is better and some are old school and don’t want to adopt online learning. What I’ll suggest that you should try it once while considering the 5 points which I have written above and think are you going to get these advantages in classroom learning?

I don’t think so. And still, if you want to follow the traditional way then the Corona is standing there in front of you as an obstacle.

So why not try the new way the digital way of learning and achieve what you’ve desired. We have to start living with corona and we can’t compromise on learning.

This is not only limited to students, even working professionals also use digital learning for getting to know new things. Even my Dad also uses an online learning platform like Udemy to learn the marketing techniques and he implements them in his work.

So, if he can do that at the age of 49 then why can’t we?

So, start learning start exploring.

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