Today, blogging is one of the trends. It’s easy and does NOT need a huge amount of money to start with and you can earn well from your blogging if you can provide consistent quality content.

You need to decide your niche as per your strength, knowledge, and expertise. Don’t just select the niche which is very trending. You will need a website on which you’ll upload your blogs.

For developing a website on your own you need 2 things, Domain (a unique name for your website) and Hosting (the place where your website will be hosted). 

A domain name is like the address of your house and hosting is similar to your house. So you have a house who has a unique address.

There are several hosting providers that lets you rent your website on their server in exchange for money. You just need to register your domain and select the plan according to your business requirement and of course your budget.

You can either buy the domain separately or with the hosting provider it’s up to you. It is better if you buy both with the same provider, that will make your life easy to set and will also be cost-effective.

If you select a medium or premium plan you’ll get a free domain for 1 year with no additional charge along with your hosting. Now, the question arises which hosting plan should you buy?

You need to see a few things before making a purchase the hosting from a hosting provider.

1. How many websites will you be allowed to host in a plan?

In most cases, they just provide a single website in the basic plan. Some plan also provides unlimited websites hosting if you choose a premium plan.

2. What would be the storage Capacity?

You will be uploading images, content, and maybe videos on your website, so you will need some space to store all these on your website. These images and contents are stored on the hosting server. You should select a plan based on your requirement. Unnecessary selection of a big storage plan will incur a cost.

3. Are You getting an SSL Certificate? (Secure Socket Layers)

For those who don’t know what an SSL certificate is – It is a network protocol that provides a secure connection between the client and the internet. You may have seen the https at the start of the URL of any website’s domain. Here the “S” stands for Secure. This is necessary if you are accepting payments on your website. If your website is not secure, your customer will not trust you and will leave your website without making a purchase. 

4. Does Hosting provide a professional email?

You will not get a professional email in the basic plan in most of the hosting providers but some will offer you one.

5. Pricing.

Pricing is what you need to pay for a year for both the domain and the hosting.

This is where the actual game starts. You’ll have to pay more to get more. But I have found this hosting provider called Hostinger which checks all the boxes and answers all the above questions. 

It offers you the best in class storage, a sufficient 100 GB of storage, a Free SSL Certificate, Professional email, and an attractive price.

Now, I’ll show the screenshot explaining what you get in the basic plan in Hostinger as compared to other Hostinger providers.

I have included Godaddy, Bluehost in my list as I think these hosting providers offer the most features at the lowest price but not less than Hostinger.



2. Bluehost


3. Hostinger


I have taken this screenshot on 26-05-2020. Now you can see and compare what you are getting in the plan you’re planning to select, be it Godaddy, Bluehost, or Hostinger.

The pricing and features may vary based on the country you’re in.

What’s common in all these is WordPress. All three of them offer one-click WordPress installation and you’ll be redirected to your WordPress admin and you will be creating your WordPress blog.

Now that you’ve seen the plans and features and have decided to purchase hosting and domain from Hostinger then you can click on the link below to get your hosting today. I hope you would have got the point why I use hostinger as my hosting provider.

Now you can start working on your passion. I hope this will help you in taking the initial steps of building a website on your own.

You can click on the image below to buy Hosting and Domain for your dream website.

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